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The Presenters

Black Diamond PR & Sport Management Firm is a leader in Athlete Management. In order to expand our horizons, we wanted to offer players an experience that they cannot get anywhere else. There are many showcases across the nation, but none include an intensive symposium focused on educating and arming athletes with the tools they need to elevate their careers. Our committee has worked tirelessly to craft an event like none before it. We're looking forward to helping you rise to the top of this game.

Brandy Runyan

Founder & CEO

The Symposium

Our Rookie Symposium is designed to educate players on several areas of the sports industry and their careers. We seek to give athletes the edge through our groundbreaking symposium, touching on topics such as:

*Social Responsibility   *Respect in the Workplace   *Player Marketing  *Endorsement Deals       *Mental Health       *Character & Values

*Sport Public Relations   *Crisis Control   *Financial Planning Resources *Workout/Tryout Etiquette & Expectations

*Player Engagement Resources     *And so much more! 

Surprise special guests & guest speakers will be on-hand to motivate, inspire, and educate our attendees.

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The Showcase

Our 11-on-11 showdown between our Black and Gold teams will be an athletic battle of mind and will. The best of the best will take their skills to the field in a highly anticipated showcase game where winner takes all. The showcase will be coached by some of the best in the industry, leaving players inspired and hungry for their next opportunity, like never before.

The Exposure

Our event will host pro scouts from various leagues from the CFL and other pro leagues, in an effort to garner the best exposure possible. In addition to notable scouts, current NFL & former NFL Special Guests, we have constructed an aggressive media blitz to layer tv/radio/print coverage of this event and its participants. 

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Vintage Helmet and American Football Bal

The Experience

Overall, this event seeks to provide an experience like no other for its participants. Players from all across the country will have the ability to meet, mingle, and create friendships to last a lifetime. Players will leave the event with new friends, powerful connections in the sports industry, confidence, as well as education and advising that no other event has provided.